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Eel Day

Our carnival inspired parade is always full of colour and music and is headed up by our Ellie the Eel.

Ellie the Eel has always taken pride of place by leading our carnival inspired parade along part of the City's Eel Trail Heritage Walk. However, after many years of use, Ellie is looking a little tired and desparately needs funds to revitalise her and her friends. Each year there are costs around making, organising, storing and repairs which must be covered.  2019 will be the 15th Eel Day Parade, and without raising vital funds it won’t be possible to bring Ellie back to life. We want to run free workshops for local children, families and seniors, all working together to create a fantastic spectacle for the Eel Day parade in 2019.  Donations from local residents, businesses and organisations are very welcome.

Hence our partners Babylon Arts have launched a charity appeal to help raise funds. They are inviting individuals, organisations and businesses to donate through the Big Give - and for the next week every donation made will be doubled by the Big Give. For businesses who donate £50+ we're offering coverage in our publicity material around the project.  We also have more in depth sponsorship opportunities with greater coverage and reach for businesses who are able to give more.If you think you can help us reach our target in any way please do share the details below, make a https://secure.thebiggive.org.uk/donation/to/7162/30350/Babylon+ARTS+%28operated+by+ADEC%29/Ellie+the+Eel, or get in touch.